Are Consultations required?

In person consultations are preferred for more accurate pricing. An in person consult gives us an opportunity to talk about size, location, and specific design elements that may not translate well through email. If an in person consultation can not be done then we can set up an internet consult. Consultations are $20 and should only take about 15-30mins. Request a consultation.

How much do you charge?

Pricing varies for each piece, session quote is discussed during consultation.

ALL tattoo appointments do REQUIRE a $100 deposit due upon booking.


Hourly Pricing in Colorado Shop

$180 an hour for large sessions

$220 an hour for Cover up or correction pieces

$1000 for ALL day (5+ hrs) Flat rate (1 person)

Tattoo minimum $100

Hourly Prices for Convention and Traveling out of state.

$200 an hour for large sessions

$240 an hour for Cover-ups

$1200 for ALL day (5+hours) Flat rate (1 person)

Tattoo minimum $150

Consultations: $20

Consultations are $20 and usually take 15-30 minutes. Click here to request a consultation.

Deposit for Concept drawings

$140 min (non refundable)

Concept drawings that are sent via email require a $140min non refundable deposit. The required deposit price may increase depending on the complexity of the piece. This deposit will be applied to the tattoo session unless the session is canceled, at that point the deposit pays for the artist time into the concept drawing.

Custom Art and Prints

Priced individually. I take commissioned projects. Contact me for more information.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the New Tattoo.


If medical barrier film such as: Tegaderm, Sanidrem, or View Guard, is used please follow the steps below.

(These are low-maintenance, waterproof, and antimicrobial methods that allow the skin to heal naturally) Individuals that are sensitive to medical adhesive must inform the tattoo artist before application. *** Precautions: A small percentage of people are sensitive to the adhesives used in bandages such as: Band-aids, Medical tape, Surgical dressings, and saniderm materials. If a reaction is noticed you must remove the clear barrier film with warm soapy water and refer to the standard care practices below. If the irritation area does not subside within a few days of removal of bandage please contact your doctor***

  1. You may leave the medical barrier film on for up to 5 days, as long as you do not notice any irritation or any fluid seeping from the bandage. Any fluid coming out or collecting (exp: from shower water) is an indication of a failure in bandage adhesive seal and you should discontinue usage immediately. 
  2. Remove the bandage under warm soapy water
  3. Once the bandage is removed you should wash with warm antibacterial soap and warm water twice a day. Always pat dry with a clean paper towel.
  4. After the cleaned you can apply a thin layer of a white unscented moisturizer to the area to keep from becoming too dry. (Lubriderm, Curel, and Aquaphor are all acceptable)
  • NOTE: The tattoo may appear to me spreading or sprawling under the bandage during the healing process. This is normal and expected. There is nothing wrong with the tattoo itself.

If a traditional bandage is used follow steps below:

  1. Remove the bandage after 2-4 hours. This will allow the plasma that is coming to the surface to be absorbed while creating a barrier from bacteria.
  2. Gently wash the tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance free anti-bacterial soap. Gently remove any remaining plasma or clotting that might remain on the skin.
  3. Pat dry with a clean towel and allow to air dry
  4. Apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizer (Lubriderm, Curel, Eucerin, or Aqaupher are all acceptable) to the tattooed area. The moisturizer should be rubbed into the skin until it no longer appears wet or glossy. It is important to not leave a thick layer on top of the healing area.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 3-4 times a day with clean washed hands
  6. After one week you will notice flaking or shedding of skin from the tattooed area. This stage is normal. Continue with steps B-D but only twice a day or as needed throughout the day

Important Information About The Healing Process

  • DO NOT SOAK THE TATTOOED AREA IN ANY FORM Washing under running water is recommended but  do not soak in bathwater, hot tube water, swimming pools, or in a lake or ocean water until the tattoo is completely healed. (roughly 2 weeks)
  • Itching is a normal reaction during the healing process. Applying lotion or tapping the area gently can relieve the itching. DO NOT scratch or pick at the area. This will result in damage to the tattoo.
  • DO NOT use tanning beds or have too much sun exposure. Use a sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection or keep covered if you plan on being in the sun for extended period of time. Excess sun exposure will lighten the tattoo prematurely and can damage the tattoo during the healing process.
  • It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothing over the tattoo area to avoid irritation during the healing process. 
  • If there is any indication of an infection such as: fever, excessive swelling, spreading of redness past the tattoo area, discharge or pus, please see a physician immediately. 
  • Exposure to animal dander, contamination from unclean environments from home or work, or not following the steps above can result in irritation or infection. So please keep the area clean.